Hi everyone how are you doing? I’m good here everything goes fine there?

First of all thanks for visiting my blog and you will find informative articles here.

Who I am?

I’m Andy 37 year male, full-time Forex Trader and living peacefully with my two daughters and my beautiful wife.

Before Forex I used to work as an Advisor in forex advisory services. I helped thousands of people who want to invest in forex markets. Everything went fine until one unfortunate situation which completely broke my heart.

I’m forced to resign my job and worked in the job that I never loved to do. Due to my financial crisis, I did with the half mind. When working many of my fellow workers talk about making money from home from the Internet. Even some of them talk about Trading and shares. But I simply leave them and walk away.

One day when I am surfing on the Internet, I watched one video which was about the life of entrepreneur Chris Gardner that was my life-changing moment. Then I watched the movie
“The Pursuit of Happyness” more than 10 times.

After getting enough confidence I started my Forex dream again and invested in many stocks. Boom! I earned around $2000 in the first week that gave me more confidence and after 4 years of experience now I’m earning around $4k per day from money exchange.

Why The Forex Winner?

This is the internet era and digital marketing is one the serious business that’s why I thought of opening this blog The Forex Winner to share my thoughts about Forex trading.

Not a daily blog but I will post articles twice a month. So this is all about me and this blog. Bookmark this page or remember this blog name to never miss any article from this blog.

Thank you all and wish me luck.