How Are Forex Trading Taxes Paid, And How Much Tax They Pay?

Forex Trading Taxes

Tax implications are one of the significant parts of every forex trading process. It is the main thing that also impacts most investment decisions such as insurance, stocks, bonds, and much more.

If you start up your career as a forex trader, you must be well aware of the forex trading taxes in detail.

Tax on currency trading may confuse most beginner investors, so it is reasonably necessary to have a 360-degree view of the forex trading tax before starting with it.

How is Forex Trading taxed?

Taxation is one of the essential parts of any business. One has to pay taxes for the services they are acquiring or will acquire. These taxes are generally the government’s income source and ensure the safety of the assets included in them.

Forex traders usually have to pay two different types of forex trading taxes, and these are: direct and indirect.

We spend direct tax on the profits we make from the other transactions made on forex. In contrast, indirect taxes are something we have to pay for different purposes, such as goods and services tax, securities transaction tax, and stamp duty.

So, it is reasonably necessary for the forex trader to know which tax category they will pay.

Forex trading is one of the most beautiful businesses for anyone that owes to serve high-end profits if done in a well-planned and strategized way. The income generated through the forex trading business is a business income or income from other sources, as mentioned by the traders.

The government imposes different types of forex trading taxes on the earnings generated through currency trading, which adds up to a good amount in the government account annually.

Forex Taxes UK

Forex Taxes USA

  • 60/40 tax
  • 20% on 60% of the gains or losses
  • short-term capital gains rate 37% on the 40%

Forex Trade Taxes Canada

  • For personal traders 15% – 20% if your profit is above $200
  • For business traders 40% tax fee
  • Check Canada forex brokers

Forex Trade Tax Fee Philippines

  • 10%. To 20% tax on gross income
  • Up to 35% if the income is above 8,000,001 PHP (Philippine peso)

Forex Trade Tax Singapore

Goods and Service Tax, i.e., GST, is being imposed on three slabs on the transactions made by forex.

Forex Trade Tax Fee India

Less than Rs 1 Lakh ($1500)

For transactions made less than Rs 1 Lakh or $1500, the taxable value is only about 1% of the transaction amount. The minimum level of money here, in this case, is Rs 250 or $3.19 It is a simple representation of the value that is liable for the tax if we go with the exact number of about 18 % of the taxable value for such transactions, a maximum of Rs. One hundred eighty will be the total tax as GST for the forex transactions made up to Rs 1 Lakh or $1500

Between RsRs 1 Lakh tRss. 10 Lakh ($1500 – $13000)

The total forex trading taxes you have to pay here for transactions between Rs. 1 Lakh to Rs. 10 Lakh ($1500 – $13000) usually falls near about Rs. 1,000 + 0.5% of the total amount of trading taxes made. The total tax on the total earnings here is also 18 % of the taxable value. If we count the total GST here, it will fall somewhere in between Rs. 180 to Rs. 990 ($2.30 – $12.65) in all.

For transactions more than Rs. 10 Lakh ($13000)

The total taxable value for forex trading transactions made greater than Rs. 10 Lakh is about Rs. 5,500 + 0.1% of the total transaction amount. The total tax amount here in this segment is also 18 %, which falls between Rs. 990 to Rs. 60,000. ($12.65 – $766.67) Along with GST, the forex traders here also have to pay forex trading taxes as stamp duties and brokerage fees. Early tax planning is the perfect way to keep yourself safe from paying up unnecessary taxation.

The taxes imposed here are on the total revenue generated at the end of each forex currency trade and don’t impose too much burden on the investor.

Just read the documents carefully to get an exact idea about the forex trading taxes so that you can keep yourself safe from different ongoing scams.


Every country has its own rules and regulations for forex trading taxes. The Indian government has imposed restrictions on some kinds of forex trading, such as trading in pairs or binary trading.

Forex trading is an ethical process that adds a good amount to the investor’s portfolio and respectable returns. One can easily avail of different information related to forex trading online, but having a trustworthy platform is required. Please review the other forex trading taxes options we have paid you before to keep yourself safe.

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