The Forex Winner Scholarship Program

The Forex Winner founded in 2018 to help anyone willing to learn about Forex trading and stocks by writing guides, tutorials about doing trade online.

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Like stock market, quality of education is important to every student, but unfortunately, not everyone can afford one. With keeping the amount in the mind thousands of students giving up their dream due to the education expenses. That’s we came with a scholarship program.

Scholarship Amount

Now every month our blog receives more than 1000 visitors monthly and more sometimes. We started this blog to educate online users to learn forex trading and also we also believe in educating someone willing to learn any type of study. That’s why we are willing to provide a $1000 scholarship to students for their educational purposes who are willing to participate and win the contest.

Who is eligible for scholarship program?

  1. Candidate must be a student of a college, high school or university.
  2. Must be 18+ if you college student(School students must have permission from parents or guardian) 
  3. Must have good academic marks.

Steps to apply to scholarship?

  1. You need to write a topic about ” Why Money market and the importance of it?” 
  2. The article must be a minimum of 1200+ words and should not contain any grammar mistakes.
  3. Application must be in word format. PDF’s and Google doc link will not be accepted.
  4. Must be original content
  5. Should send the article to [email protected]
  6. Deadline is march 20, 2020
  7. Only one student will be selected
  8. If any student provides other than the mentioned content, it will be disapproved immediately.
  9. We won’t accept the application after the passed deadline.
  10. The winner will be announced on march 20,2020 and notified via mail

How we review the application?

Our team will review all the application and winner name will be listed on this page.

Privacy Policy for Scholarship

Note: The Forex Winner scholarship privacy policy ensures that the student’s personal information will be not shared with any third parties and kept for our internal use only. No data and information collected in this process will not be shared with any third parties, but reserves the right to use submitted articles as our wish. 

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